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Senior Access Points of Larimer County is committed to making information easy to navigate for older adults, family members, and professionals. Get started by choosing one of our topics on aging below.

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Care Needs & Caregiver Support

Are you or an aging loved one in need of at-home services and care? Larimer County has a wide variety of at-home services and programs to help. See the information here on local database and agencies.

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Dementia & Memory Care

Are you or a loved one struggling with dementia, memory issues, or Alzheimer’s? See the information on this page regarding local databases, agencies, and programs to get you started in finding the information, services and supports you need.
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Housing & Home Maintenance

Need resources to help you age in place with in-home services or prefer an independent living community, assisted living or options for low-income housing? You can find the guidance you need with these resources.
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Legal & Financial

Retirement, medical costs, downsizing, and end-of-life matters can be challenging to navigate, but you do not need to navigate these issues alone. Local organizations in Larimer County offer a wide range of services and assistance.
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Lifestyle & Wellness

Overall well-being is essential for healthy aging. These resources offer a variety of opportunities for fun, personal growth and living well.
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Mental Health

Life transitions as one ages can be stressful, challenging and lonely. Learn about the mental health services and resources available in Larimer County to support you or a loved one through life’s challenges.
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Physical Health & Medical

Physical activity is the path to good health. Explore the options to stay in shape along with resources when a medical need arises.
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Social, Connection & Commnity Engagement

There are many opportunities in Larimer County to stay connected. Volunteering is one way to stay engaged, make friends, make a contribution, and feel valued. These resources will get you started.
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Transportation can be a challenge for older individuals with mobility limitations or limited vehicle access, but there are several local organizations offering free to low-cost transportation services for older adults throughout Larimer County and beyond.